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New York City: 19 September to 25 September
Orlando, Florida: 25 September to 29 September
NYC: 29 September to 5 October

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Krispy Kreme hot glazed doughnuts - seriously addictive
Perkins restaurant - cheap prices, tomato basil soup and all-day breakfasts
Super Target - one of the biggest supermarkets I've been to
Orlando outlet malls
Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure - ALL THE HARRY POTTER

Museum of Modern Art
American Museum of Natural History - dinosaurs, whale
Metropolitan Museum of Art - least favourite museum
9/11 Memorial - a must-visit
Museum of City of New York - most favourite museum

Grand Central Terminal - underwhelming
Union Square Park + Greenmarket selling local, fresh produce
Top of the Rock - good, but I prefer Empire State Building
Circle Line Cruises - 90 minutes cruise of lower Manhattan, inclusive of Statue of Liberty
Chinatown - Nice Green Bo restaurant, Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory
Times Square + two musicals (Kinky Boots and School of Rock)
Empire State Building - all of that sweet bling framed by the hudson/east river. It's almost surreal - breathtaking views and dazzling lights, gazing down at buildings rich with history, the snarls of traffic present even at 11pm. I'm staring down at literally thousands of people going about their lives, and it's strange how that makes me feel alive yet small and insignificant at the same time. & this is when it hits me, with an immensity that takes me by surprise, that I'm finally at the city that never sleeps , where futures are made, everyone is reinvented and nothing ever stays the same. and it feels downright exhilarating. if you only have time for one attraction at night, it's this. this is the best welcome from new york that you're ever gonna get.
The High Line - I really liked this too
Brooklyn Bridge + Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory + Barclays Centre - Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour. Brooklyn Bridge boasts a sunset view of Manhattan across the east river. nearby: amazing pizza, a shake shack and the brooklyn ice-cream factory, where I fondly remember as the place where the ice cream guy flirted with me and gave me a free chocolate scoop /happy smile/
Central Park + Zoo - one of my favourite places
Wall Street & Charging Bull - so crowded with China tourists
Washington Square Park
Rockefeller Centre

Nordstrom Rack
The Strand Bookstore, Forbidden Planet (comic book store and memorabilia)
Century 21 - seriously discounted things
Herald Square
Evolution store

Notable food places
Benjamin's Steakhouse, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Really good steak and sea bass, served by cheeky waiters.
William Greenberg desserts - black and white cookies
Grimaldi's Pizza
The Smith
Chelsea Market - chirashi bowl and lobster roll
Barney Greengrass - lox, bagel, smoked sturgeon, scrambled eggs.
Lexington Candy Shop - really old-school diner with old-school decor and food. Vanilla milkshake was awesome
Saigon Shack - beef pho was a godsend to satisfy my Asian soup cravings
The Modern at Museum of Modern Art, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Lobster risotto and sea bass, along with summer tart

Expenditure: SGD4,355 (including Bruno Mars concert, universal park tickets, flights etc ) and exclusive of accommodation, meals

Sitting on the subway, on the way to Chinatown, and then realising that I'm not in Manhattan anymore when I see the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance. Managed to find my way back, and I'm proud to say that during the trip there, I've learnt how to navigate the subway system in a short time.

Visiting the museums and seeing tour guides (for the Guggenheim - their tours are an hour long and focus on one exhibit for the entire hour!) doing their job. Made me miss my job, and more importantly, my colleagues.

Sat beside an aspiring songwriter on the subway. Saw him tapping lyrics on his phone and engaged in a short, yet unforgettable conversation with him

Everytime someone smiled at me and asked me how are you doing today? and sometimes engaged me in polite conversation. The people there are friendly (not all, of course, but most). Passersby helped to carry my luggage down the flight of stairs (because the station had no lift)

unlike back home, people in trains aren't on their phones as much in new york. they're reading the paper or a novel, talking with their friends, or looking around. and for those that are listening to music, almost everyone is on wireless headphones/earpieces.

people don't really sit down for meals, they tend to grab a sandwich, bagel or coffee and eat on the go. I guess this is because eating out is expensive, plus you gotta tip when you sit down at a cafe or restaurant.

Writing inspirations:
9/11 Memorial
Alberto Giacometti's painting of his wife titled "Annette Giacometti, the Artist's Wife".
Mummy exhibition at the AMNH - the goddess called Nut (pronounced Newt) guided the dead to their afterlife. The Egyptians would carve her image on the bottom of coffins, and they would literally lie in her arms as they embarked on the journey to the afterlife.

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